Who are you?


Being a prison officer takes a special type of person. It’s an important job with a lot of responsibility and accountability, so we have a thorough recruitment process in place to make sure we select the right people.

First things first. Are you:

✔ Over 18 years old?

✔ An Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand with a valid passport or a non-citizen with a valid visa that provides you working rights?

✔ A holder of a driver’s license (if probationary, you must be on green Ps)?

If so, you are eligible to apply for a role as a prison officer.

Life experience

Being a prison officer is not about putting on a uniform and becoming someone else – we want you to bring your life experience and skills with you.

We don’t look for a certain type of background, education or work history when looking at potential prison officers. Instead, we want to see if you have certain qualities that will ensure you have a successful career with Corrections Victoria. These qualities include:

❂ Empathy

❂ Resilience

❂ Good communication 

❂ Conflict management, and

❂ Interpersonal skills.

Physical assessment

There are also many physical demands of being a prison officer, so applicants will need to demonstrate that they possess the physical capabilities to handle the rigours of the job.

We require our squad members to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) reading between 18.5 and 35. If your BMI is above 35, your waist measurement must be below 102 cm as a man or 85 cm as a woman to be eligible.

You will also be asked to perform several physical tests prior to acceptance. Please use this document (External link) to get an idea of the physical tasks a prison officer may be called on to do, as well as reviewing the tests you will undergo as an applicant. 


There is no one 'look' of a prison officer – our staff come in many shapes and sizes, hair styles and skin colours. We celebrate diversity in our staff and the physical and presentation standards that we do have are aligned to our operational necessities.

One such example is our policy on facial hair. In your work as a prison officer, there may be tasks that demand that you wear a breathing apparatus. To work effectively, the apparatus must seal across the face, and beards can easily prevent this from occurring. So, for the safety our our staff, we ask that our officers be clean shaven or at least trim their facial hair to a point where it is compliant with our guidelines. Some stubble and moustaches may be acceptable, but must not prevent a perfect seal for the breathing apparatus. 

Exemptions to the policy will be considered for staff who maintain facial hair for religious reasons.

Our locations

Eleven of Victoria's prisons are run by our staff, as are 60+ Community Correctional Services (CCS) offices around the state