Prison officers

Looking for a career change that will change lives? Become a prison officer and make a positive impact on your community.
Full-time and casual positions
No qualifications required, extensive training provided
Generous penalty rates in addition to salary
Salary range
Ongoing: $54,439 - $69,909 + super + penalty rates / Casual: $32.60 per hour + super + penalty rates
Barwon, Beechworth, DPFC, Dhurringile, Hopkins, Langi Kal Kal, Loddon Precinct, MAP, Marngoneet, MRC and Tarrengower

As a prison officer, you will play a vital role in making our state a safe place to live. You will be tasked with securing offenders and assisting in their rehabilitation. Your challenge is to help them return home with a greater respect for our laws and a willingness to contribute positively to their communities.

It’s important work.

To thrive in the job, you will need energy, empathy and resilience. We not concerned about which gender you identify as, or if you’ve been a tradie, an accountant, a hairdresser or a teacher ­– we want prison officers with life skills. We want officers who communicate well and can find common ground with anyone.

What you'll do on the job

Ask any prison officer about their average work day and they'll probably say there isn't one. ‘No two days are the same' is an old adage among our officers, and it's true – the environment and your job can change in an instant. There are some general duties and responsibilities, though, including:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for prisoners, your teammates and visitors.
  • Being sensitive to the needs of people from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds
  • Assisting in achieving a prisoner's personal and professional goals.
  • Conducting regular patrols, searches and security-related activities aligned with our policies and procedures.
  • Building relationships with your teammates and other stakeholders, contributing towards a positive and enjoyable working environment.
  • Being a key contributor to making a positive influence on the prisoners you work with, giving them the best chance of a successful reintegration into society upon release.

Consider this page just the intro – we recommended that you watch the videos on this page to get an inside look at our prisons. After that, click on the buttons under those clips to discover what kind of workers we recruit and how to apply. 


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The application process

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