Strategic Policy and Planning


Who we are:

In the Strategic Policy and Planning Division of Corrections Victoria we are the analysts, writers, networkers and researchers who help formulate the strategic direction of Corrections Victoria.  Corrections Victoria, as a major arm of the Department of Justice and Regulation, is a key pillar of the State’s criminal justice system and plays a unique role in contributing to the Government’s community safety agenda. Our division plays a central role within the organisation in developing and influencing evidence-based correctional policies.

What we do:

Our staff drive the strategic agenda of Corrections Victoria, on behalf of the Commissioner, by leading policy development and planning activities to help inform the ways in which correctional activities occur. Our work can include research, evaluation, forecasting and environmental scanning. The division provides authoritative policy advice to the Minister for Corrections, the Commissioner and senior departmental management on complex and potentially sensitive strategic matters, including emerging issues and trends relevant to the correctional system.

We are responsible for shaping and implementing policies aimed at ensuring the safe and effective management of prisoners and offenders and which promote rehabilitation by addressing the underlying causes of offending behaviour. 

Key projects:

We have some exciting new projects underway, which include:

  • Examining innovative approaches to reducing reoffending
  • A range of strategy and policy work for specific cohorts such as remandees, women, prisoners and offenders with a disability, older prisoners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

What we look for:

If you have an inquisitive mind, a head for data, strong consultation and writing skills, the ability to locate and synthesise information, to identify and assess policy options and to develop well-argued recommendations, then you will fit right in.

What we offer:

Working in the Strategic Policy and Planning Division is a great way to get an understanding of how a complex service delivery system works and to influence an organisation at all levels.

You will be joining an inclusive and supportive team and will be provided with a range of training and development opportunities.

Importantly, the work you will be doing will also be directly contributing to community safety and well-being.