Prison Officers

Are you curious about becoming a prison officer, but not exactly sure what it entails or what is involved in the recruitment process?

There's a lot of great reasons to become a prison officer. Not only is it an important and meaningful job where you have a real chance to make a difference but it's also a role that gives you lots of opportunities.

Watch the video and browse the pages below to find all the key information that you'll need to decide if this is the career for you.

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So what does a prison officer actually do?

You've seen the movies and the TV shows - but how far from the truth are they? What's it actually like being a prison officer?

Who are you?

Are you the person that we’re looking for? Find out if you’ll make a great prison officer here.

What you'll get

Why you should become a prison officer and all the benefits you'll receive

What's involved?

How do you go about becoming a prison officer?