Industry officers


'There are many directions in corrections' is a bit of an old saying among prison officers, as a plethora of options quickly opens up to top performers. Using your past experience in trades to help offenders improve their work skills is one such opportunity.

An industry officer is tasked with training and supervising prisoners in a prison's commercial and service industries. Our commercial industries manufacture a wide variety of products, including rural gates and panels, timber furniture, custom merchandise and car number plates; while our service industries offer work in maintenance, bakeries, horticulture, hospitality, laundry and more. 

'We’re all about making sure that the offenders leave with a bigger skill set than when they came in.'   Tim, Prison Officer, Langi Kal Kal Prison

The overall objective of the work program is to provide training and employment opportunities to prisoners, helping them learn new skills and good working habits to enhance their job prospects upon release. We are also expected to meet important commercial and service industry production goals.

These roles are highly sought after and we encourage interested candidates to first become familiar with the working environment as a prison officer.

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