Community Corrections

Community Correctional Services (CCS) does incredibly important work within Victoria’s criminal justice system, including:

❂ Playing a vital role in community safety

❂ Helping to break the cycle of offending

❂ Managing offenders on court orders and prisoners on parole

❂ Connecting offenders to programs, services and community work

❂ Supervising serious sex offenders post sentence.

We ensure that offenders make genuine efforts to undergo rehabilitation, and we keep low risk offenders out of prison and help them contribute to the community. We’re about changing the direction of offenders' lives for the better.

And we’re changing too. We’re moving to a way of doing things that is case manager-focused. So if you’ve visited us before then you may be surprised to see that there are many new roles on offer.

Explore the work you can do with CCS to contribute to a safer community by clicking through the links below.

Current Community Corrections vacancies (External link)

Case Management

We apply case management practices to reduce reoffending.


Working in parole

Court Assessment and Prosecutions Services

The Court Assessment and Prosecutions Services team is highly valued and provide best practice evidence-based advice.

Community Work and Partnerships

Community work allows the offender to give back to the community in a positive way.