Headquarters @ 50 Franklin


Corrections Victoria has a new Melbourne home. Fitted out with new technology and led by a fresh methodology on how we can do our best work, 50 Franklin Street is now open. Learn about some of the features of our new headquarters below.


One of the major differences you'll notice at 50 Franklin, compared to regular offices, is the hot-desking arrangement. Sharing spaces means no one owns a particular work space; staff can use any unoccupied desk when they need to. This helps changing teams be more agile, leading to efficient collaborations.


Facilities such as meeting rooms, video conferencing and collaborative spaces are available to help teams work on projects together and share advice.



Sound-padded lounge areas are also available, perfect for casual conversations or impromptu meetings.


Designed to help you concentrate, and perfect for focus-intensive work tasks, ‘Quiet Zones’ are located throughout the building on most levels.


Acoustic-treated partitions reduce background noise, while phone booths offer a quiet, private environment for phone calls while also minimising disruptions to colleagues. 


There is also still room to personalise your space. All staff members have their own locker, in which they can store any personal belongings that they can take to a desk while working.


Like the way we're working? Then consider working for us!

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