Our approach

Corrections Victoria is a large organisation with outposts all across the state. To ensure that we run smoothly and feel like one entity, we take a unified approach to our work that enshrines what is essential to our success.

Our core beliefs

❂ People - Our people are fundamental to our success

❂ Partnership - We are committed to improving community safety with our partners in the criminal justice system

❂ Respect - Everyone within the correctional environment has the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect

❂ Rehabilitation - We believe that all individuals have the capacity for positive behaviour change

❂ Victims - Our work acknowledges and respects the rights of victims

❂ Excellence - It is essential to be future-focussed and to strive for innovation, best practice and excellence

❂ Public Value - We aim to deliver public value through a modern, efficient and effective correctional system.

Our priorities

Corrections Victoria staff have a responsibility to the people of this state to work to:

❂ Build a sustainable correctional system

❂ Reducing reoffending

❂ Manage risk, safety and security

❂ Deliver public value

❂ Engage the community

View our strategic plan for 2015-2018 (External link)