Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre

Introducing ‘Rivergum’

The Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre (Rivergum) is a new facility that delivers short-term, intensive treatment and interventions for up to 20 offenders on supervision orders. It is a secure, therapeutic environment and forms part of Victoria’s Post Sentence Detention and Supervision Scheme – a civil, non-punitive scheme which has been in operation since 2005. Offenders subject to a supervision order are not undergoing a sentence and are not in custody.

Located near the rural town of Ararat, Rivergum will have a strong focus on building collaborative relationships that both motivate and hold residents accountable for their actions. Staff will play an important role in enhancing the motivation of residents.

Residents will be supported in continuing their rehabilitation through the delivery of intensive treatment and interventions, provided by a multi-disciplinary team made up of clinicians, case workers, case managers, activities coordinators and more.

On this page, you can see renderings of the new facility and read up on roles we are currently recruiting for.


Specialist case managers

Specialist case managers (SCMs) are responsible for delivering high quality case management to a caseload of sex and violent offenders under correctional supervision, some of whom have a high public profile. SCMs are responsible for ensuring that the nature of serious offender management aligns with best practice initiatives, including managing offenders using strengths-based case management approaches and dynamic risk assessment in line with Corrections Victoria's Offender Management Framework.

The SCMs work closely with specialist case workers and clinicians to identify ways to promote residents' participation and engagement in both formal and informal processes and activities, and promote a culture where staff and residents are motivated to create and maintain a beneficial therapeutic environment.

Senior clinicians

The Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment Services (SOATS) are responsible for providing specialised assessment and therapeutic interventions to sexual and violent offenders at Rivergum.

Senior clinicians are key players in the small, multidisciplinary clinical team responsible for providing a holistic range of interventions. This includes offence-specific and offence-related group and individual-based interventions. This position offers the opportunity to work with high risk offenders in a residential setting with a strong therapeutic focus.

If you're interested in these positions, please get in contact with Patrick Wren on (03) (03) 8684 8176.

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Considering a move to Ararat?

Ararat is set in a beautiful part of the world and has a little something for all comers – from stunning scenery and top notch wineries, to great schools and museums.

The township kicked off in the glory days of the gold rush, but the more recent arrival of new working residents has given Ararat a fresh vibrancy and solidified the strong sense of community. Have a quick read of our profile on Ararat by clicking here (External link) to learn why it’s such a great place to live when you’re working in corrections.

Living in Ararat

There are many job opportunities coming up in this charming town. Have you considered a tree change?


Clinicians work closely with offenders to influence positive behavioural changes

Case managers

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