Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre

Introducing ‘Rivergum’

The Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre (Rivergum) is a new facility that will deliver short-term, intensive treatment and interventions for up to 20 offenders on supervision orders. It is a secure, therapeutic environment and forms part of Victoria’s Post Sentence Detention and Supervision Scheme – a civil, non-punitive scheme which has been in operation since 2005. Offenders subject to a supervision order are not undergoing a sentence and are not in custody.

Located near the rural town of Ararat, Rivergum will have a strong focus on building collaborative relationships that both motivate and hold residents accountable for their actions. Staff will play an important role in enhancing the motivation of residents.

Residents will be supported in continuing their rehabilitation through the delivery of intensive treatment and interventions, provided by a multi-disciplinary team made up of clinicians, case workers, case managers, activities coordinators and more.

On this page, you can see renderings of the new facility and read up on roles we are currently recruiting for.


Roles at Rivergum


Team Leaders


Reporting to Rivergum’s operations manager, team leaders manage specialist case workers and activities coordinators responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and supervision of residents.

To be successful in this role you will:

  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by developing and maintaining a culture that supports treatment and rehabilitation within a therapeutic framework.
  • Utilise your well-developed interpersonal skills to proactively contribute to Rivergum’s therapeutic model in reducing the risk of reoffending.
  • Have an understanding of the department’s policies and practices, and relevant legislation and have an ability to apply them in an operational setting.
  • Be motivated and committed to work with offenders towards their rehabilitation goals.


Specialist Case Workers (SCWs)


SCWs will play a vital role in preparing Rivergum residents for transition back into the community. In addition to security and safety work, SCWs will work closely with residents to help them meet their personal goals and teach them new work and life skills.

Here are some of the responsibilities we will entrust our SCWs to take care of:

  • Use your proven problem solving skills to supervise, monitor and motivate residents at Rivergum and apply your well-developed pro-social modelling skills.
  • Report incidents and breaches as required in accordance with reporting procedures.
  • Utilise your trade qualifications and specialised skills to work on projects with residents to improve their personal and life skills, and enhance a resident’s transitional opportunities.
  • Perform shift work on a 24/7 operating model, likely seven or eight days of work per fortnight amounting to 76 hours.

Activities Coordinators


Undertaking personalised activities is a fundamental element of the therapeutic rehabilitation of Rivergum residents. As the activities coordinator, you will work closely with occupational therapists, senior clinicians, specialist case managers and specialist case workers to coordinate all facets of these activities.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the activities program will be a critical part of the job. You will again work with colleagues to ensure the residents are engaged in activities that put them on track to achieving their rehabilitation goals, which are aimed at improving their personal development, life skills and transitional opportunities.

Rivergum will also be recruiting specialist case managers, senior clinicians, administration and quality assurance staff in the coming months. If you're interested in these positions, please get in contact with Daniel Wood on (03) 8684 0154.

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